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We are closed for the summer. If you would like a personal tour of the school or have any questions, please call and leave a message for the Director (916-453-0976), or complete an online application. We look forward to meeting you!

About Us

We are a parent-participation school that emphasizes activities appropriate for preschool and Pre-K children.


Our curriculum is designed to support each child as a unique, independent learner.


We have daily Preschool and  Pre-K schedules as well as a summer program.

Parent Responsibilities

Parents of children enrolled in the morning preschool classes are required to participate on an assigned workday every other week. 

Enrollment & Tuition

We offer two parent-participation preschool classes and one non-participation pre-kindergarten class.

Staff & Teachers

We are proud to care for and influence so many wonderful children. Learn more about us.

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What Our Fantastic Parents Say

If you would like to share your Centennial experience, please submit a parent testimonial.
Our son attended Centennial Preschool and I can’t believe that we were lucky enough to find such a great school, especially with so many options out there. All of the teachers are caring and deeply compassionate…for each and every student! The Pre-K program in particular really prepared him for his transition to elementary school.
Choosing the right preschool for our daughter was an equally important decision for my wife and I. She recently completed the 2-day program with Ms. Brie and we know for sure that we made the right decision by again choosing Centennial. She had a great year and really excelled! We know first hand that both the 3-day and Pre-K programs are excellent as well and can’t wait for her next journey at Centennial.
I highly recommend Centennial!
Centennial’s PreK was the perfect fit for our son. Even though he was eligible to attend a free early kindergarten program, it was a much better experience for him to stay with the lovely teachers he already had a relationship with, for an extra year. He grew so much, emotionally and intellectually, during his time in PreK. Having freedom of choice of activities during the school day, in such a warm and loving environment, was so beneficial to him. Our family is so grateful to Centennial for instilling a love of school in our kids at such an early age!
My daughter attended both the 3-day and Pre-K programs at Centennial and loved every minute of it! She started out very shy and nervous, always clinging to Mrs. Tessman during free time, and by the next year she was so confident and outgoing, she barely said bye when we dropped her off! The parent-participation in the 3-day class was such an amazing environment, especially coming from a daycare that only adhered to state-mandated minimum ratios. Children were constantly supervised, and the parents really became close to all of the students and other families. The routine in each class is structured enough to make the children feel secure, confident, and ready for each day- but there is also plenty of free time to run outside, make crafts, or use their imagination in pretend play. We have lifelong friends from Centennial and would recommend Centennial over any other Preschool, Pre-K, or TK program available.
I am a proud mother of two very bashful, yet playful children. When I first started looking into preschools and met Ms. Rosa, I knew I had to look no further. She was the perfect compliment to both of my kids and I couldn't have chosen a better teacher for them. The staff at Centennial Preschool made the 5 years we spent with them some of the most memorable years of my family’s lives. Thank you!! 

I LOVE Centennial Preschool! My son did both the 2-day program and the pre-k program. I always felt like he was getting the best care and that the teachers at the school truly loved my son. My son is a very chatty child and they showed him how and when it was okay for him to talk. He has made childhood friends and wonderful memories. My family has become lifelong members of the Centennial family and I am honestly sad to not be seeing them each and every day now.

We have 2 high energy and independent kiddos who attended Centennial. The teachers were encouraging and supportive to our children and for us. They taught our children many academic lessons, as well as, social. The teachers also taught us to believe in ourselves as parents. We loved the involvement of the parents and the children in the school and fundraising activities. This is a great place to get your feet wet before elementary school. It is a happy and educational experience for parents and children! I know that we will be visiting often now that we are gone.

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