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Centennial Christian Preschool

Serving Land Park, Hollywood Park and surrounding areas


Our program at Centennial Christian Preschool is based upon the understanding that children are unique individuals and can only develop skills  when they are ready to undertake them. Areas of development are physical, social, emotional, language and imaginative and creative development. Small muscle development is encouraged through activities such as cutting, gluing, painting, molding clay, stringing beads and working puzzles. Large muscle development is encouraged through outdoor play and indoor activities such as music and movement.
Children are given the opportunity to develop math, science and reading readiness skills with a variety of books, manipulatives and information on nature, health, safety and the community. Imaginative and creative skills will be developed through music, dramatic play and block building. The children will have exposure to the Spanish language by learning colors, numbers and frequently used words and phrases. The three-day class will learn a letter a week in upper and lower-case form.

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