Centennial Christian Preschool

Serving Land Park, Hollywood Park and surrounding areas


Our Pre-K program is designed for the older pre-school child who is ready for the consistency of a 5-day a week school schedule.  
This afternoon program is non-participation, so children develop a strong sense of independence and confidence being away from the security of their home environment. 
While the goal of the program is to help children build the skills they will need to be competent Kindergarteners, we base our curriculum on the development philosophy that the pre-school years are a precious, unique period in the life of a young child. We understand that children at this age learn best when they are allowed to actively explore their environment through play. Learning is meaningful to children (and adults!) when they are allowed to make choices and engage in activities that stimulate their imaginations.
We focus on the development of the whole child. We strive to teach children to recognize letters, develop a sense of phonetic awareness and build math skills, but we also teach them how to resolve conflicts, negotiate friendships and strengthen self-help skills. Our curriculum is designed to support each child as a unique, independent learner. We adapt our teaching practices to meet the needs of the wide range of developing abilities and learning styles within the group. We believe our jobs as teachers is to nurture each child’s areas of strength and to encourage growth in areas that may need support. Our classroom is a community in which each child is respected and valued.
Your Child is Ready for the Pre-K Program if he/she:
  •  No longer requires an afternoon nap
  •  Can follow a schedule and delay gratification for short periods of time
  •  Is independent in using the restroom and keeping track of his/her own belongings
  •  Has developed some social skills for sharing materials and space and resolving conflicts
  •  Knows how to ask for help when needed

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