Centennial Christian Preschool

Serving Land Park, Hollywood Park and surrounding areas


Centennial Christian Preschool is a non-profit program that has been operated by Centennial United Methodist Church for over 45 years. We are a parent-participation school that emphasizes activities appropriate for preschool and Pre-K children. We provide an opportunity for children to develop social skills, readiness skills, large and small motor coordination and a positive self-image. Our pre-kindergarten class provides the children with readiness skills to further prepare them for kindergarten. Daily activities include music, art, science, story time, and a children’s free-choice time. Throughout the program, we emphasize Christian values and beliefs and seek to model the love of God.


The goal of our preschool is to provide an opportunity for children to learn and play in a wholesome environment by experiencing activities that promote self-esteem and a positive feeling about school. Our school emphasizes activities appropriate for preschool-aged children.

Our teachers will guide the children through a variety of activities that will help them develop an awareness of their own abilities and a sense of accomplishment.

The children will develop an appreciation and understanding of values and beliefs practiced by many diverse cultures in our society. Children will say grace and be taught that God is good.

We encourage you to come visit our school! 

Call us at (916) 453-0976 to make an appointment.

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